Cocktails are no longer just a mixture of drinks. See what the best shakers have to say for 2018!


Back in 1998, we had a massive craze for vodka and Redbull (any old vodka would do), then there were the good old Fishbowls in 2002. Redbull was still the buzz of choice in 2006 when it began to have a shot of the famous herbal digestive liqueur Jagermeister thrown in for good measure.

Since then, we’ve seen various cocktails come and go, but thankfully the next trends seem to be leaning more toward quality and refinement and away from getting a slap of booze in the back of your throat, a kick of sugar pulsing through your blood and caffeine rush that keeps you up all night.


With the average cocktail lover becoming more and more discerning, mixing up a cheeky cocktail has never been more complicated.

Gone are the days where you could just grab some cheap vodka from under the counter and get away with it. Todays’ cocktails are things of beauty that are composed of the finest, often organic and homemade ingredients with top shelf spirits.